Fiber Optics Service

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We are conveniently located in the Jacksonville/Gainesville, Florida area. We service the surrounding 50 mile radius, including southeast Georgia.

Fiber Optics Service

Technology is constantly changing and at 904 Comm Net we stay abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies. With higher bandwidth and data rates at 40Gbps and pushing 100Gbps, fiber optics are a requirement to keep the backbone of your network fast so your productivity doesn’t suffer.

Increase Bandwidth, Speed, and Business Efficiency

904 Comm Net can help you realize the many benefits of using fiber optics, including the increased bandwidth, data rates up to 40Gbps, and transmission over great distances. Fiber optic cables don’t carry any electrical current. This is safer because they’re non-metallic and less likely to be struck by lightning. Fiber optics are future-proof and easily upgradeable as technology advances.
Our technicians are very familiar with this technology, including the handling and care that is required to ensure the optimum performance of your network.
We specialize in servicing traditional fiber installations, where field polishing or fusion splicing is commonplace and required. Whether it’s ST, SC or LC connectors, multi mode, single mode or 50 Micron, we have you covered. We always uses quality, name-brand, high-performance products and properly perform all cabling service in accordance with EIA/TIA/BICSI industry standards.
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