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We are conveniently located in the Jacksonville/Gainesville, Florida area. We service the surrounding 50 mile radius, including southeast Georgia.

Point of Sale Service

Whether you run a bar, restaurant, retail or any other hospitality business, your POS is one of the most important pieces of tech you use. Because it’s such a customer facing part of your business, you can’t afford for it to fail. Even small problems can cost you lost sales or up-sales and big problems can shut down your business for days.
Properly maintained POS networks and equipment are a must. This is especially true in the food service industry where environmental conditions can be extra hard on the POS equipment.
Our professional and highly skilled technicians can help keep your POS up and running, keeping your business up and running. When those unforeseen problems do arise, 904 Comm Net’s experienced technicians can be on site to fix your troubles within a few hours.
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