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Proudly Owned and Operated


by a United States Veteran

Proudly Owned and Operated


by a United States Veteran

Communication Systems & Network Infrastructure Solutions

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904 Comm Net LLC is a full service business telecommunications and networking company providing solutions for todays modern businesses throughout Jacksonville and Gainesville, Florida. We are a turn key company, installing and servicing most equipment in your businesses. This includes, but is not limited to, network infrastructure, PC, CCTV, audio/video, or digital, VoIP, and analog phone systems for small, medium, and large businesses. We provide a “solutions based” approach for businesses to incorporate their telephone system and network as a ” productivity tool” enhancing their business. Many of our competitors only attempt to sell your business new equipment. 904 Comm Net LLC asks the questions to understand your business so the correct equipment solution can be proposed and implemented.

As a leading provider of communication systems and network infrastructure, we take pride in offering you the type of service you can’t get anywhere else.
904 Comm Net LLC makes customer service our top priority. Many of our competitors stumble in the area of customer service. At 904 Comm Net LLC, our goal is to establish a relationship with our customers. We realize that the relationship goes beyond servicing, selling, and installing new equipment. We offer free training on all equipment we install. The more you know, the easier it is to maximize the use of your communication systems and the happier you will be with your equipment, and in turn us.

904 Comm Net LLC

Rely on Us For All Your Technology Service & Install Needs

Your business telephone system and network are your
first points of contact with your customers. Let 904 Comm Net LLC help you make a good first impression. Our custom designed communications networks provide workforce productivity and an overall professional image for your business. Experience the 904 Comm Net LLC difference.

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